It is important to know which yogic asanas are for you considering your age and gender.

1. Yogic exercises are called asanas. It is important to know which yogic asanas are for you considering your age and gender.

Not all asanas are meant to be done by everyone. So, make sure you consult a good yoga teacher before deciding upon which

asanas to do. 2. It is extremely important to know your exact physical condition especially if you have some ailment. This

helps in taking an exact measure of what kind of yogic practice is good for you and the degree of difficulty you can attain

with asanas. 3. Yoga never harms anyone. Most people get hurt only if they try to do something that is not well within the

reach of their bodies. Understand that asanas help even if they are done in parts. So, just focus on attaining maximum

benefit from them without stretching yourself too much. 4. Like any other exercise form it is imperative to gradually

increase the levels of difficulty. Easy asanas should be done first. Once you master them graduate slowly to the more

difficult ones without taxing yourself. 5. Yogic asanas need to be done in environments which are moderate in temperatures.

The surroundings where you practice yoga should not be excessively hot or cold or windy. Choose a calm and serene place. 6.

There is a lot of energy flow inside and outside the body while practicing yoga, so it is best to keep the environments free

of any kind of dirt. If there is insect manifestation in the place where you wish to practice yoga, it is bound to affect

your energy flows even if you are not immediately aware of it. 7. Similarly, if the place is cluttered with shoes and other

items it affects your energy flow, even if you do not come to know it at once, it happens and hampers long-term benefits.
Yoga helps you attain synchronization between body and mind in a unique way. Hence, it is extremely important to pay

attention to certain simple details before starting yoga. If these are well taken care of, yoga can only benefit you in

unimaginable ways.